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Our team of highly trained lapidaries are happy to fashion your gemstone into any shape according to your requirement as well as repairing or re-polishing a gemstone to its original condition. The master craftsmen in our team have worked on extremely expensive stones and have even cut gemstones for a blockbuster movie! We are happy to guide you through the possibilities.


Polishing is the ‘art of making things shiny’, to put a natural lustre to a gemstone. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen use polishing to make the surface of the gemstone feel smooth and bring out the colours of the gemstone. In different gemstones polishing enables the naked eye to see into the gemstones; it shows off any internal inclusions. However, on transparent gemstones it allows you to see the polishing surface on the back of the stone, and in turn reveals the other face at the front of the stone.


The art of faceting; faceting is the term used for accurate cuts at specific angles on a gemstone which in turn reflects throughout the stones to bring a brilliance and light to the stone which alters as you move the stone around. Most stones can be faceted, but this is only suitable for stones of a certain hardness as the facets would wear very quickly - our craftsmen are happy to advise you as to the possibilities with your gemstone. Faceting can be done in many different cuts. The most popular cuts are brilliant, emerald, princess and fancy cuts. Fancy cuts are numerous and can be very specific, we can create the following cuts: heart shapes, trillion, kite, portuguese, chequerboard.


Carving is a technique of using various diamond plated tools to shape a piece of gemstone into a desired form i.e. animals, flowers, inlay work, clocks, watches, cameos, statues, fluted.. Our lapidary team have been commissioned to do repairs for all sorts of carvings where they have been damaged, for example, musical instruments, luxury yacht handles to models of planes!

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